Advantages of Tin Coated Copper Wire

Published: 08th June 2010
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Copper metal, since many generations has proved its significance to the mankind. It is an essential component utilized in numerous electrical systems. However with the modernization, mankind has come up with new ways of improvising the usage of various materials. It has been known that coating the copper wire with tin provides it with much more durability and strength. Tin Coated Copper wire was found to be complex in shape wire and cable, the same possibly is the reason for the durability of the material.

This kind of wire is used as an overhead power source for subways, light and heavy transit systems, mine trains, buses, industrial cranes, etc. There are various ways in which tin coated copper wire can be prepared. The two processes can be carried out by hot-dip process or electroplating. First process which is known as hot dipping involves a process in which the copper strands are dipped into melted tin; the other option is electroplating which utilizes a rectifier and electrical charge to tin the copper.
The overall manufacturing of tin coated copper wire is carried out in three stages. Firstly, the wire is drawn in a specific size with the electrolyte copper. After this, there is a second stage in which the annealing is carried out.

The plain copper wire is generally a single-strand wire of varying gauges. Each strand of copper is coated with tin in case of tinned copper wire. The usability of tin-coated copper wire comes in wherever plain copper wire has initially earned its usage. However tin-coated copper wire gives better results as compared to the plain copper. The tin coating process would save the copper from oxidation and would lower down the percentage of wear.
The wire finds its protected from various elements through coating. Therefore, tinned copper wire is known to last up to 10 times longer than the non-tinned wire. Besides, it also resists water corrosion and facilitates enhanced conductivity. Resistance to water resistance enables tinned copper wire to be utilized extensively in boating as well as various marine projects.

Apart from this the tin-coated copper wire can also be found in overhead power sources like in the light and heavy transit systems. Tinned copper wire is slightly more expensive as compared to the non-tinned wire; however considering the long run little more expense reaps in a lot more benefits and an effective material for the long run.
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