All about Copper Laminated Flexible Jumpers

Published: 04th June 2010
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Laminated flexible jumpers are specialized electrical equipment made from copper. Several foils of electrolyte copper are stacked over each other followed by application of high temperature under high pressure. This is a very delicate process involved in the manufacturing of copper flexible connectors. It is a metal diffusion which makes the metal melt and form homogenous bonds which results in improving the current carrying power of the jumper after reducing the temperature. These copper flexible connectors are also used as flat braided copper connectors, circular copper braids, round stranded copper cables, laminated flexible connectors for various industrial purposes like switchgears, power plants, chlorine plant of mercury cell, caustic soda, membrane cell, modular cell, hydrochloride cell, diaphragm cell, electric locomotives, Galvano engineering, furnaces, etc.

These copper flexible connectors perform a very important function in the machines that they are used. The thermal and dynamic stresses caused by short circuit of the system are negated by the quality of being expandable that is prominent in these laminated flexible connectors. These flat braided copper connectors have another very critical function to perform in the machines that they are installed. They have to detect movements inside the machines and switchgears. It is imperative that these copper flexible connectors are designed and manufactured with complete attention to detail with regards to the specifications of the customer. Each and every client is most likely to come up with a different purpose of copper flexible connector. A machine is bound to have its own specification. The flat braided copper connectors, round stranded copper cables, laminated flexible connectors, etc. can also be manufactured with tin, gold or silver plating for making a very good contact.

With such a critical role being played by laminated flexible connectors in maintaining the particular machine, it becomes imperative that expertise of the professionals who do it is credible. Copper laminated flexible jumpers are manufactured by certain copper wire manufacturers who have the necessary infrastructure as well as expertise of skilled professionals to turn out this product. The flat braided copper connectors, circular copper braids, round stranded copper cables or laminated flexible connectors are delivered conforming to the exacting standards by these copper wire manufacturers. Those who need these wires generally stick to their trusty manufacturer and do not give it to just any manufacturer that they are able to find. Copper flexible connectors are too important to be ordered without complete faith in its manufacturer.
Russel Mori is an associate editor for Ganpatiengineering Industries and Rajasthan Electric Industries. We offer Copper Wire, Tinsel copper wire, PVC wire and various types of electric wires.

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