Copper Wires and their Users

Published: 31st May 2010
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Copper has its vital use in electrical domain; here is used to prepare wires, other electrical equipments or electronics gadgets. The reason being- it is a good conductor of electricity. It is a malleable and a ductile metal; pure copper has pinkish or peachy colour. In the Roman era, copper was mined on Cyprus, this is from where it earned its name as Cyprium, "metal of Cyprus", later was termed as Cuprum. Copper compounds come in several oxidation states, usually +2; in such compounds they give blue or green colours such as in turquoise. Copper metal is contains many impurities, its purity level varies, however the cadmium free copper, or Electrolyte Copper is accepted to be the 100% pure variety.

Copper is converted into cables for overhead electricity installation in various transportation systems; it is used to electrically run mine trains, subways, buses, the industrial cranes. The raw copper rod extracted from its ore goes through various processes before it is utilized effectively for various purposes. Tinsel Copper Wire is manufactured using Electrolyte Copper, Silver Platted Copper, Cadmium Copper wherein copper wire is flattened and covered from different types of threads such as cotton thread, silver thread, nylon thread, kevlar thread, nomex thread, etc. as per the specifications. Since Tinsel copper wire is very resistant to metal fatigue thus it serves its purpose better than the other wires. Several strands of thin copper foil is wrapped around a textile core. Crimped connections are commonly used and usually connector has a series of barbs that pierce insulation covering the tinsel wire, allowing connection without the need to strip the insulation for the conductor.

The tinsel copper wire is used when maximum mechanical flexibility is desired such as in case of telephones, speakers, loudspeakers, tweeters coils. Because of the recent communication revolution tinsel copper wires is very significant in the communication devices. Entire telecommunication industry depends upon the use of tinsel copper wires thus it is hard to imagine life without tinsel copper wire we can but hardly ignore it's impact on our lives.

Over the centuries copper has proved its usefulness to mankind metals all over the world and serves as an important revenue generator for many countries in the world. Without Tinsel copper wires communication, electricity and modern day transport would not be possible. Besides its use in the external world copper also served as a vital component of our daily diet. Chronic copper depletion leads to abnormalities in metabolism of fats, high triglycerides, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), fatty liver disease and poor melanin and dopamine synthesis causing depression and sunburn.
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